Teutons of the ancient world introduce themselves


Filed under www.fionas-wege.de in 2011 the search for tracks our forefathers left behind in their history started up. The site gives an insight into our ancestors´ history, everyday life and religion.


We are planning to travel around the world that was known at that times and we´re looking for people with the same interest, who want to accompany us. Besides we want to introduce our home area, the Harz Mountains in the middle of Germany. Here our forefathers left their tracks behind, too, as proven by the discovery of the battlefield at „Harzhorn“ in Lower Saxony just a few years ago. You can find impressions of our trips. Just click „Reiseziele“.


Inspired and lead by lots of publications and journeys after years of preperation we were able to make our wishes come true finally. Our diaries reporting travelling are planned to be documented and published by fans for fans. We collect and report exavations, historical places in Scandinavia and the Roman Empire, eveywhere the teutons have left their tracks behind.


We want to show old ways before they will be forgotten.


We are openminded for inqiries and ideas and anyway we will be glad about reactions, criticism or praise. If you like our project and you want to help realizing it we would be very pleased.


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Gerhild and Dennis


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